Climb to Conquer Suicide

August 30th – September 8th


Register  for the 10th annual 46Climbs national event and be part of this remarkable community!

Donate $25 or more to register, and participate as an individual or a team. Choose any mountain/trail or group of mountains (large or small) and climb/hike anytime between August 30th – September 8th

You will receive a 46Climbs package – a dry fit t-shirt and a sticker.  The first 1,500 participants will also receive a bandana.  When you reach the summit, take a picture wearing your shirt or holding up your bandana and post it on social media (Facebook, X or Instagram) with the hashtag #46Climbs.  During the event, watch as the pictures and stories flow in from all over the country and beyond!


Perhaps climbing/hiking isn’t your thing or you are unable to participate, you can still help!  Please consider making a donation to help conquer suicide.


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You can reach us at or use the form below.

Elevation Climbed 2014 – 2023

x 2,486 Mt. Everest

Funds Raised 2014 – 2023


Are you in crisis? Call 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741.
National Suicide Prevention Hotline