Taking the Next Step

This week’s training is about the same as many of the other weeks, but one thing that differs is the pace we will be keeping and the slight increase in mileage. Along with mileage, Kolby and I will also be increasing the intensity of our strength workouts, and the amount of hours slept each night. As the […]

“Brushing off the Cobwebs”

The Plan:  Hike from the ADK Loj to Marcy Dam to 4 Corners to Gray to Skylight to Marcy to Table Top and then to Phelps. Then hike back to the ADK Loj to drive down RT 73 to hike Cascade and Porter.    Trip Summary: This past Saturday Kolby and I set out to […]

Running Schedule

 [7/14-7/20] This week’s schedule steps it up a notch as we dive head first into high mileage training. Our week is already in full swing, and we both look forward to our first big hike of the summer on Saturday.  Monday: 45 minutes  ~5 miles Tuesday: 60 minutes ~7 miles Wednesday: 50 minutes ~6 miles […]

Training Week [7/7-7/13]

This week was easy on the legs, with the idea of injury prevention. For the last month or so we have both been pushing our limits, and it was time to recoup. Our mileage throughout the week was fairly low, and our long-run shorter. We averaged approximately 41 miles each this week.  Next week will […]