The Climb of a Lifetime

What an adventure Kolby and I have had! It’s hard to believe that the one week we both spent so much time training for has come to an end. From the very start we knew that this event would make a difference somehow, but what we didn’t realize was the extent of the reach it […]

Finish on Whiteface

After two full days of hiking in windy and chilly weather, Kolby and Catherine’s mileage for the week is now well above 100. Tomorrow they plan on finishing the week hiking Whiteface with their parents, friends and supporters.  For any who would like to join the hike, they will be heading out from the trail […]

The Calm Before the Storm

Here I am sitting in my dorm room at Clarkson University with a whirlwind of things going through my head. The car sits in the parking lot, filled to the brim with gear for our upcoming trip. We are gathering together the last of our gear, before we head to church and out to Upper […]