Challenging, Inspiring and So Empowering!!

“The 46Climbs event for me was challenging, inspiring and so empowering. It was the best, most needed therapy for me as I lost my 27 year old son to suicide on 6/28/2017. I will continue to climb until these knees of mine can’t do it. I am honored to be apart of the 46Climbs family”. […]

Important Conversations

“This being my second year doing 46Climbs, I would have to say that this experience definitely built off of the previous year. I actually got to know some people in my personal circle in a much more intimate and raw fashion thanks to our willingness to be really vulnerable to talk about our own experiences […]

Absolutely Amazing!!

“Hiked Mount Moriah in NH. Thought we were at the summit but it was a false peak. There was a solitary Grey Jay that was socializing with us. It landed on my hand and then showed us the path. It seems silly but it seemed like a sign from my brother John. – The summit was […]

Lifting the Stigma and Silence

This past Sunday (9/10) I set out alone in the predawn dark on a 26 mile (8 High Peak) solo attempt of what deemed the third hardest day hike in America. As dawn broke and I crested the first summit (Lower Wolfjaw) I encountered three fellow hikers (lunatics) who were themselves attempting the Great […]

Reflecting on Mental Illness

“This was my third year participating in 46Climbs but it was the first time that I really let myself reflect on mental illness. It was an incredibly moving experience and I let myself fully acknowledge every emotion I felt during the hike. Having spent the last year recovering from a physical injury and facing my […]

A Voice for Those in Need

“Amazing. Opened doors to new people and started conversations. My pastor even spoke of my team at our service and shared his own story of struggling as a teen. So many wish to speak out and 46Climbs allowed me to be a voice for those in need of our support understanding and encouragement. Looking forward […]

Divine Intervention

“Spending time with close friends for a great cause found us on a trail new to us, which serendipitously aligned us with a random person who had lost a brother to suicide. It was and is divine intervention that will propel this cause to touch others in a wonderful loving way”.  – Denise Gruttadaro