About Us

Our Mission

Taking positive action to overcome suicide and mental illness by challenging individuals across the country to set both physical and fundraising goals during an annual week climb event

Our Story

46Climbs was built off of our passion for the outdoors, and the therapeutic benefits received from the physical challenges that only climbing, hiking and running can bring.

In high school, co-founder Kolby, lost a fellow teammate and friend to suicide at the young age of 17. After battling with the grievance of loss for many years, Kolby teamed up with Catherine and together they built an event off of their combined passion for the outdoors and mental health.  

In April 2014, 46Climbs began fundraising for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). As a kick-starter, Kolby and Catherine pledged to attempt hiking all 46 Adirondack High Peaks within 7 days during the National Suicide Prevention week.  The pair trained while raising funds for the AFSP, setting a goal of 46 mountains, 189 miles, and $10,000. During the week long adventure, the pair ran into many obstacles which included malnutrition, bears, unexpected nights out in the wilderness, and a few overuse injuries. Though they did not reach the goal of climbing all 46 peaks, the goal of raising awareness and funds for the AFSP was superseded.

“What we wanted to show, and did show was that though there may be many ups and downs in life and depression, no matter where or who  you are people will gather around you and lend you their prayers, good faith and strength. The true mission of 46Climbs was not to hike 46 mountains, but rather to pull the community into supporting a cause to stop one of the top killers of teens and young adults; suicide.” –Catherine, September 2014

Now, 46Climbs has transformed into an annual event encouraging many individuals across the United States and the world to take on the challenge of conquering suicide through the physical challenge of climbing and hiking.