Home Sweet Home

The Adirondack Mountains are a special place, with their welcoming pines, and root ridden trails; a true playground for an outdoor enthusiast. Their woods are alive with the constant buzzing of  red squirrels, finches, and chipmunks. Trees reach out to hikers , tickling their arms and legs as they pass by. Mud kisses the boots […]

The Mountains Call Me by Name

There’s something about the pure enormous size of a mountain that is so mesmerizing. The steep slopes and dips of a ridge, the way the tree-covering softens the jagged lines of the mountain’s many faces, and the grandness in which the peak rises above the world; reaching for the sky. I can hear the summit’s […]

A Perfect Morning

The trees sway in the wind, as pine cones hit the ground with muffled thumps. Laying on my back staring at the top of my worn out tent, I breath deeply. Muscles sore and cramped from the previous day, I rise and unzip the tent as a red squirrel scurries by, pine cone in mouth. […]

Treating Cabin Fever

During the winter months an outdoors lover will most definitely become stir crazy. This cabin fever can only be cooled by a full dose of mud, campfires, and steep slippery climbs. Unfortunately the further winter progresses the more antsy we become. We find ourselves staring blankly out the window at work imagining the sloping peaks […]

Returning to Nature

We have all grown up in a society cushioned by the modern comforts that extend into all aspects of our lives; from climate control to information at the click of a button to the continuous mindless entertainment of electronic devices. Our phones buzz constantly, drawing our attention from our friends, co-workers and family and pulling […]