Coming Together as a Team

“The best part of participating was coming together as a team! Getting survivors on the mountain.”- Amy Haptonstall

Talking to Other Hikers

“Great being asked about my shirt and being able to talk to other hikers about the fundraiser and suicide prevention in general.” – Ben Collins

A Positive Group of People!

“The best part was knowing I helped raise funds for a great cause and seeing all of the participants having fun in their photos doing the same thing. What a positive group of people!” – Jess Brown

Powerless to Power

“Losing someone you love to suicide can make you feel powerless.  This event made us feel like we we had a little bit of power to make a difference in the future.” – Ashley Pullen

Knowing I Made a Difference

“The best part of participating in 46Climbs is pride; knowing I made a difference in the fight against Suicide and Mental Illness.  Nature is so therapeutic and refreshing; it cleans the mind and soul.” – Susan Earabino

Part of a Nationwide Community

“The best part of participating in 46Climbs was feeling part of a nationwide community facing the challenge of suicide.” – Joel Ward

You Are Never Alone

“This my fourth year hiking for 46Climbs.  We hike to start the conversation about mental health, stop the stigma, and raise funds to help spread education and resources for suicide prevention!  And because it’s hard to not feel a little better with these views. One step at a time, one mountain at a time, and always with […]

Healing, Help, and Hope

“Mark and I hiked over 15 miles this weekend.  46Climbs is an amazing organization based around hiking and mental health support that started in Upstate NY; all proceeds go towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In case you didn’t know, September is National Suicide Prevention month.  Simply by having conversations we are beginning to […]

Impacts So Many

“I’m proud to be participating in 46Climbs supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for the fifth year! Suicide impacts so many of us and if I can help prevent just one, it will be worth it!” – Marc Pozniakas

Generosity and Love

“Seeing other participants on the trails and hearing their stories. I actually extended my fundraiser through the month of September, climbing at total of 109 miles, 40,000 ft in elevation and $1,636 raised. This event brought out an outpouring of generosity and love, joining us all in humanity. This experience has changed my life.”– Jennifer […]