Absolutely Amazing!!

“Hiked Mount Moriah in NH. Thought we were at the summit but it was a false peak. There was a solitary Grey Jay that was socializing with us. It landed on my hand and then showed us the path. It seems silly but it seemed like a sign from my brother John. – The summit was super small and crowded. The hikers perched there were so friendly and welcoming. We asked if they would take our summit photo and the conversation began. One of the hikers played the song by Logic thats about suicide prevention and there we all were (about 12 of us) on a mountain peak listiening to a song that seemed to resonate with all of us. It was so moving. A woman took a picture of my shirt so she could start her own team next year and introduce it to her school. The weather was absolutely perfect and the day couldn’t have been any better.”  – Valerie Desmond