Continuing 46 Climbs

What a success 46 climbs has been! It truly has been amazing to see how much support Kolby and I have gotten for our cause. Hearing all of the stories helped us realize that this fundraiser could be done at an even larger scale and touch so many more lives. So here’s the thing… Kolby and I are now turning it over to the community to step in and truly become more apart of 46 Climbs and really help stop suicide. We want all of you to participate!


This is all in the works, but we would like some feedback on our ideas! Please let us know if you have a better idea, we are all ears!

For next year we will be encouraging everyone to hike for Suicide Prevention!


What you will need to do:

  1. Sign up by buying our  package (not offered at present time)
  2. Send us your name, the names of the mountains,  your fundraising goals and if you would like a short story of why you are participating
  3. We will then put you on a roster on our webpage
  4. During suicide prevention week in September you will attempt to hike the mountains you sent in, and at the summit we ask that you take a picture with our bandana or send in a video with our tag line ‘achieving positive altitude’ we will then put that on our webpage.
  5. All donations will be pooled onto our main site.

Sign up will not start until February 2015

* Nothing is set in stone, and plans may change. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to offer up ideas for anything, even designs for next year’s t-shirts.


That’s all for now! Please stay tuned for more updates as our plan progresses!


Always hike on,