Happy Place

Pebbles turn to boulders and trees wrap around me, immersing me into the thick forest. Senses are quickly met with familiar surroundings, heightening awareness. Feelings of peace and belonging flows through my extremities, leaving no room for stress accumulated in the most recent work week. I’m home.

The grade gets steeper with every mile. My feet form a silent rhythm, swiftly dodging roots and rocks, propelling my body forward as if to independently know where to fall. A breeze flows through a gap in the trees. My body floats over the rolling terrain at a satisfying clip.

I come to the edge of a steep downward slope. The feeling retrieves a memory of the silence following the last “clicks” of a roller coaster preparing to drop. I lean forward. Steps are short and precise, quickening with every second to avoid any disruption of forward progress. The terrain bottoms out as the pull of gravity is transferred into forward energy. The soil rises again, returning the previous pace.

The trees part, giving view to a the miniature trees below as I’m greeted with a cool breeze. Mountains rise all around as the dirt recedes on the trail ahead until it can rise no more.

Inhale. Exhale.