Taking the Next Step

This week’s training is about the same as many of the other weeks, but one thing that differs is the pace we will be keeping and the slight increase in mileage. Along with mileage, Kolby and I will also be increasing the intensity of our strength workouts, and the amount of hours slept each night. As the level of difficulty of our workouts increase, Kolby and I will be paying close attention to our diet to make sure we are getting all the nutrients we need to prevent burnouts down the road and to also decrease recovery time.

Here is our running schedule for this week:

Monday: 1hr ~ 7 miles/ Strength & Core

Tuesday: 1 hr ~7 miles/ Yoga & Core

Wednesday: 70 minutes ~8.5 miles/ Strength & Core

Thursday: 1 hr ~7 miles/ Yoga

Friday: 30 minute shakeout run ~3.2 miles/ long stretches

Saturday: Street, Nye, Wright, Algonquin, Iroquois *

Sunday: Off- rest day


* On Saturday the weather is currently looking like thunderstorms. If storms continue to be in the forecast we might have to change the mountains we plan to hike.