Home Sweet Home

The Adirondack Mountains are a special place, with their welcoming pines, and root ridden trails; a true playground for an outdoor enthusiast. Their woods are alive with the constant buzzing of  red squirrels, finches, and chipmunks. Trees reach out to hikers , tickling their arms and legs as they pass by. Mud kisses the boots of the weary traveler, and rock scrambles pose a puzzle worth solving.

Majestic summits promise great views, whether of trees or of mountains. Gratification is a package deal with reaching a goal.

Not another place feels more like home, yet poses a threat to the ill prepared. With season changes, the mountains become ever more breath taking. Yellows, reds and oranges light up the mountain’s base, tapering into the greens of the pine. White caps soon begin to appear, and the trees crystallize. White foot prints pack the freshly fallen snow, and the woods become calmer for a little while. The mountains pose a new challenge, and ice flows over take sections of trail. Beckoning the hiker to test their skills. Breath freezes and hangs in the air, crystals form on the eye lashes. Then a warm breeze, the bubbling of creeks returning to life and the familiar chirp of a baby bird.

The snow slowly fades, leaving muddy trails, and high waters. Trees bloom into brilliant greens and the bears stir from their slumber. Summer soon comes calling, and the trails and peaks now slightly differ calling wanders from afar, to yet again experience the trail as if it’s their first time.