Loving Mother Nature

We at 46Climbs are proud to say that our participants have only treated mother nature with respect and awe in the past. As we all begin to prepare for our adventures and the start of the 46Climbs week this year, there are a few things we must keep in mind.

  1. Depending on where you are hiking, rules and regulations might vary on group size, permits, campfires etc.
    • For example in the Adirondack High Peaks:
      • The maximum day hike group size is 15 people, and 8 for overnight.
      • There are no campfires allowed in the high peaks
      • Bear cans are required for camping in the back-country (can be rented at the mountaineer & the ADK Info Center in Lake Placid). BEAR BAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  2. Pack out what you packed in- Please pack out all trash (including toilet paper, banana peels, etc.).
  3. Dispose of your waste properly- If you have to go, dig a cat hole
  4. Help maintain the trails- Hike through the mud, not around. This will help minimize the widening and erosion of trails.
  5. Be respectful of other hikers- Let hikers who are moving quicker pass, and try not to be overly rowdy. Keep the trails free of human waste and trash.
  6. Know the types of wildlife you might encounter– Do not feed any wildlife, this only endangers both the species and all hikers

For more information regarding preservation please visit www.lnt.com (Leave No Trace) and the ADK Club webpage.