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September 13, 2016

Hello 46Climbers,

What we have accomplished this year is nothing short of amazing. 255 people left the comfort of their homes to participate in a national climb to overcome suicide and mental illness. Currently, $44,570 has been raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and it has continued to rise despite the event ending on Sunday (Donations will continue to be accepted until Dec 31). This huge sum of money will be used to change the lives of many through research, education, advocacy, and help for those who need it.
Hearing back from many of you, it is clear that a lot of personal healing took place during this week as well. Mountains were climbed for loved ones and as a declaration of strength over mental illness. Hundreds of conversations took place, breaking the ice for others to open up. Posts flooded the internet, making 428,146 impressions on just Twitter and Instagram alone. Our voices were heard loud and clear.
Incredible things happen when people unite under a belief. As you reflect over the success of this week, not only do I hope that you feel a part of this community, but I hope that you feel a sense of ownership and pride that 46Climbs would not have been what it was without your action. I also hope that whenever you pull your shirt out to wear, that you remember what was accomplished this week and the 254 others that stood with you.
If you would like to share your experience with us for possible use on the website, please take this survey.
-Those that have raised $250+ at the end of September will be receiving a 46Climbs patch. Prizes will be announced at a later date because we have to take some time to do all the calculations (You guys climbed so many darn mountains!).
-Those who signed up last minute, make sure to sign up on time next year so we can get you your shirts for the event. The shirts are custom ordered and we want you to have them as much as you do!
-Just joining us? Check out the EMAIL ARCHIVE.
-Continue to check out #46Climbs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for pictures like this one! If you haven’t posted your pictures with #46Climbs, make sure to do so.

September 9, 2016

Hi 46Climbers,

It’s the final few days of 46Climbs for all you weekend warriors! We have now raised $42,040 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention with 251 climbers.

It is still hard to comprehend the impact that our community is making. One can only imagine how many conversations have been made over the last 8 days as a result of everyone’s combined action. What a message of hope it is to see that map of climbers, or even scroll through the photos on #46Climbs on social media. Many of us are climbing for those we have lost, but we are also climbing for the many that we have not. Aside from the incredible work we are supporting that AFSP does, we are here to tell the world that the brain gets sick like any other organ in the body and to those who do suffer from mental illness, there is hope and it is OK to talk about it.

Let’s all make one last push on social media to reach every corner of the country with our message this weekend! Post your fundraising page and see if we can’t get to our goal of $50,000 to support the life saving research, education, and advocacy that the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides.

See you in the mountains.



September 7, 2016

Hello 46Climbers,

It’s day 6 and what an incredible week it has been thus far! We have been seeing all of your awesome summit pictures on social media, bearing smiles and your 46Climbs swag, and you have also shared some powerful stories. To think, we have another 4 more days of climbing and stigma crushing yet to come! The funds raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention now total $39,525 and our participants continue to be on the rise, with 243 strong.
When you climb your mountain(s), take a picture with your 46Climbs shirt/bandanna and make sure to post that picture to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag #46climbs. For those unfamiliar with hashtags, all you have to do is type “#46Climbs” at the end of your post. If you have posted a photo already and have not done that, please edit it and add #46Climbs. This allows everyone who searches #46Climbs on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to be able to see your picture and everyone else’s from this national movement. Go ahead and search for it!
We have been having some technical difficulties with the “Snap46Climbs” Snapchat (phones have died before being able to upload the pictures/video when in service), but we are still looking to make it work. If you are interested in taking the account with you on your hike, please email me and I will give you the login information.
If you want to take a different approach and post a Facebook live video (or a regular one), make sure to use the hashtag #46Climbs.
Keep sharing and fundraising! You never know who will be impacted!



Sept. 1, 2016

Hello 46Climbers,

It’s finally here! Tomorrow starts the first day of 46Climbs 2016.

As a 46Climbs participant, you are well aware of the problem of suicide and mental illness. When you go out to the mountains in this coming week, know that you are part of something much greater. Take a good look at the map of participants. Go ahead…zoom in and scroll around that map. You are not alone out there. Over 200 others will be standing with you on summits all across the country!

During 46Climbs 2015, 118 participants climbed the equivalent elevation gain of 75x Mt. Everest, raising $29,500 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. These funds were used for research, education, advocacy, and help for those who need it. Aside from the impact that made towards AFSP saving lives, we were notified that a few people in crisis were so inspired by 46Climbs participants that they were moved to reach out for help. It’s hard to imagine how many others out there were impacted that we didn’t hear about. You also can’t quantify the impact of conversations made out on the trail, the tens of thousands of views to our website, and the ability to honor a loved one or make a declaration of strength over one’s illness. There were so many dimensions to this event that made a difference, and this year we will be doing it with almost twice the participants.

Interaction with other 46Climbers around the country:
This year, we will be doing a few things to coordinate some interaction among our participants to see what everyone is doing all across the country.

1). When you take your “summit picture” with your 46Climbs shirt and/or bandanna, add it to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag #46Climbs (just type “#46Climbs” at the end of any post regarding 46Climbs). For those who are unfamiliar with hashtags, it connects your post with everyone else’s who uses #46Climbs in their post. When you search the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or click on the link it creates under your picture after you post it, you will be able to see all the others who have done the same. Very cool!

2). 46Climbs is now on Snapchat! Snapchat is an app that lets you add live stories and we are going to use it to try to connect with everyone live (bear with us-this is the first time we have done this). If you have an account, add “Snap46Climbs” to connect with us (if not, you can add the app and create an account). We are looking for people to take over the 46Climbs account on their trip, so if you are interested please email me! This is only going to work if we have people volunteer. Many areas may be out of cell service, but you can load your stories once you get back in service.

If you have any questions about anything, please let me know.

Climbing information:

Please review the Leave No Trace principles on the card that was sent to you in your participant package. It is very important that we all respect the areas in which we will be climbing/hiking so that every adventurer can continue to enjoy these wild places. Please also make sure you are aware of the specific policies in the area(s) you will be. This includes group size. Please be aware that there may be other 46Climbs groups in your area. Despite not being one coordinated group, it may look like you are one giant group if everyone is wearing the same 46Climbs shirt. If you come in contact with another 46Climbs group and it puts you over the legal limit (for example, 15 people within one mile in the Adirondacks), please separate from each other because that will be a hard one to explain to a forest ranger. We want to make sure everyone’s experience is a positive one and getting fined may hinder that.

Your safety is your responsibility. Our “What Should I Bring?” post contains “general” information on what to bring with you on a hike (targeted for the Adirondacks). This does not pertain to all activities/areas of the country/world. Participate within your own limit- the mountain will always be there. Make sure someone knows where you are and hiking with another person is always safer.

If you haven’t told me the mountain(s) you will be climbing during the event, or if you have changed yours, please let me know so I can update the map.

Thank you for reading all the way through! Now, lets take on those mountains!



August 11, 2016

Hello 46Climbers!

It is exciting to see the Participant Map filling up as we are now 90 strong with a long way to go until Sept. 2-11. If you aren’t signed up make sure you go to 46climbs.com and do that! There are a lot of new faces this year, so I would like to recap what we’re all about.
46Climbs 2015:
118 participants climbed the equivalent of 75x the elevation gain of Mt. Everest, raising over $29,500 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to be used for research, education, advocacy, and help for those who need it. We have also been notified that a few individuals in crisis were so inspired by the positive action of our participants that they were moved to reach out for help.
46Climbs 2016 Goal:
$50,000 for AFSP
How we’re going to do it:
This is a grassroots movement. The reason 46Climbs was so successful last year was because of its incredible participants. What that means is, we need YOU to post, tweet, Instagram, e-mail, call, and/or scream out your nearest window (maybe not) to spread the word. An individual can make some noise, but we as a community can move mountains.
Those who are internet savvy can use the hashtag #46climbs when spreading the word. This will also be used when posting your pictures during the event to be able to see everyone’s photos as soon as they post them.
Wondering when to expect your participant package? Below are all the official shipping dates. If you have friends or family climbing with you, make sure to sign them up as well to get their own dry-fit shirt, bandanna, etc. (now offering youth sizes). Below are all the official shipping dates.

Register by:
August 5th –Package Shipped by August 15th
August 12th –Package Shipped by August 22nd
August 19th –Package Shipped by August 29th
August 30th –Package Shipped ASAP!

Any questions? Feel free to email me.