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(Sorted from most recent to past) September 12, 2017 http://mailchi.mp/74619aa0b698/final-weekend-160597?e=c262eb6c77 September 8, 2017 http://mailchi.mp/6298f6adceaf/final-weekend-2017?e=c262eb6c77 September 6, 2017 http://mailchi.mp/82e259c706c1/bear-day-2017?e=c262eb6c77 August 31, 2017 http://mailchi.mp/e3242bc47362/united-in-the-mountains-and-the-valleys-155909?e=[UNIQID] August 7th, 2017 http://mailchi.mp/5588f8f1b8bd/united-in-the-mountains-and-the-valleys-143849?e=c262eb6c77 July 25, 2017 http://mailchi.mp/ad7da519dfaf/46climbs-2017-just-over-one-month-away?e=c262eb6c77 May 22, 2017 http://mailchi.mp/82d8821b1748/46climbs-2017-update-104649   April 3, 2017 Hello 46Climbs Team! I hope you are as excited as we are to kick off another year […]

46Climbs Event Email Archive

(Sorted: Most Recent First) September 13, 2016 Hello 46Climbers, What we have accomplished this year is nothing short of amazing. 255 people left the comfort of their homes to participate in a national climb to overcome suicide and mental illness. Currently, $44,570 has been raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and it has […]

Loving Mother Nature

We at 46Climbs are proud to say that our participants have only treated mother nature with respect and awe in the past. As we all begin to prepare for our adventures and the start of the 46Climbs week this year, there are a few things we must keep in mind. Depending on where you are […]

Are You Ready for 46Climbs?

46Climbs week is quickly approaching! Are you ready? When preparing for your challenge it is key to plan ahead for weather, and trail conditions. Now that we are getting towards the end of the summer, temperatures are beginning to get cooler at night and in the early mornings. Along with cooler temperatures, weather conditions are […]

46 Climbs Kick Off Weekend

Last Saturday officially marked the kick off of 46 Climbs 2015, and our first national and annual fundraiser, ‘Climb for Life.’ 46 Climbs started the weekend off right with achieving and surpassing the official fundraiser goal of $20,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention! How amazingly blessed we have been this year! We have […]

The Climb of a Lifetime

What an adventure Kolby and I have had! It’s hard to believe that the one week we both spent so much time training for has come to an end. From the very start we knew that this event would make a difference somehow, but what we didn’t realize was the extent of the reach it […]